Windows authentication for coldfusion 9 datasources

Let’s get into the topic right away.

Simple and straight forward steps on how to setup a Coldfusion 9  datasource with SQL Server 2008 in Windows Authentication mode.

Step 1:-  Go to Programs –>  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 –>Configuration Tools –>SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Step 2: Enable the  TCP/IP protocol under SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configurations > Protocols for SQLEXPRESS

Step 3: Now double-click the TCP/IP protocol to view the properties. Click on the IP Addresses tab and make sure that the TCP Port is set to 1433 for every IP type.

Step 4: Log in to CF9 Administrator and create a new datasource. While setting up the datasource give the Database name and datasource name the same. Give the server name as “localhost” and the port as your TCP/IP port.

Congratulations. You just  created a datasource that connects to a SQL Database with  Windows Authentication.


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  1. cubed
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 23:45:05

    thank you so much for this article. it has really helped me out! pity there is nothing about this on Adobe’s website. Their ColdFusion documentation is really poor.


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