Command Line API in Firebug

Long time since I have made a  post. This time it is on one of my fav web development tool Firebug. It has got a cool command line API console for writing JavaScript commands that can be executed on the fly. This is particularly important when we debug large JavaScript code. We need to reload the js file each time after making any changes – which can be quite time consuming. Here is where command lines can be of great help.

There are two type of Command lines API:-

  1. One Line Command Line – This is the default command line. We can write a single line of JavaScript code here. Also it supports auto complete feature (i.e by hitting the tab key you can complete your js code just like other well known editors). After writing your code press enter. The code gets executed and you can see the execution details under the  console window. See highlighted area below.

2. Multi Lines Command Line – Here we can write and excute multipe lines of code on the fly. Write your js code and click Run button. The code gets excuted and you can see the execution details under the  console window. Firebug also provides a list of APIs to access the DOM element as well as to monitor and profile the javascript code that is getting executed. Typing these in the command line and executing helps us to  see what is the value of an HTML element,whether a function has been executed or not etc.

Firebug as always Roxx..  🙂

Google Chrome speed tests

With the release of new Chrome,  Google has shown how much importance they are giving for speed and performance. In fact they have gone ahead and compared the browser’s speed with real life objects.  – Just to show how fast the web page is being rendered (Yes that’s right  – loading at 2,700 frames per second!) . This is what Google has showed off: