CF Admin glitch while Updating Scheduled tasks?

I faced an issue while working with scheduled tasks long back but though of blogging this now. If the interval specified while creating the task was more than 24 hours then we will not be able to update the task from Coldfusion Administrator.

So here we are creating the schedule task through code. Take a note of the interval.

<cfschedule action = “update”
task = “TaskName”
operation = “HTTPRequest”
startDate = “8/7/98”
startTime = “12:25 PM”
interval = “360000”
resolveURL = “Yes”
publish = “Yes”
file = “sample.html”
path = “c:\inetpub\wwwroot\playpen”
requestTimeOut = “600”>

The interval 360000 is like 100 hours.

Now log into the CF Administrator and try to update the task by changing the frequency to One Time.

The Admin throws error message saying that the interval must be less than one day.

The only way i see to update this schedule task is through code.

Is this a glitch of CF admin? I don’t know.


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